WashPost Hates West Wing Reunion: Fictional ‘Sensible’ Prez vs. Actual ‘Dumb’ Trump

The Washington Submit doesn’t take care of the West Wing reunion present that simply premiered on HBO Max. Not, after all, due to the present’s liberal politics and makes an attempt to elect Joe Biden. The Submit would all the time assist that. Nevertheless it’s as a result of the fictional Josiah Bartlett is “one of many smartest” presidents and our present actuality options “one of many dumbest.” 

Reviewer Hank Stuever on Friday anxious that too many individuals are getting misplaced in a West Wing coma of noble political liberals and are tuning out the cruel actuality of the Trump period. (Who’re these tens of millions free getting rhetorically excessive on the West Wing? Stuever doesn’t say.) 

Stuever on Friday complained: 

The end result, now obtainable on HBO Max, is all the things a die-hard fan may need: proof that President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet (Martin Sheen), a Nobel-winning economist who served two phrases in an alternate-reality America a few years in the past, continues to be by some means with us, alongside along with his loyal aides. They dwell in an enviable world through which the folks have elected one of many smartest males within the nation to steer it, as a substitute of one of many dumbest. In that world, each phrase uttered is emphatic and sharp and true.

It appeared that Stuever merely can’t stand the distinction between the cruel world we dwell in and the fantasy of the West Wing. 

What sounded so glidingly lyrical again then verges on the ridiculous and grating now, until, after all, you’ve an excessive amount of invested in “The West Wing’s” idealized Washington, the place centric ideas virtually all the time conquer politics.

Anybody who considers the politics of West Wing to be “centric,” clearly didn’t watch the present. It was liberal want achievement.

These unidentified viewers who refuse to cope with the actual Trump world are flouting their privilege. 

That’s a pipe dream that the majority viewers put away way back. Different followers cling to it, watching “West Wing” episodes in limitless Netflix loops, not merely as a diverting technique of escape from the hideousness of 2020, however as a privileged type of zoning out — a indifferent state of denial on the very worst time to be detaching. 

A minimum of Stuever had the sense to mock the concept a Michelle Obama/Invoice Clinton non-partisan initiative doesn’t move the chuckle take a look at. 

And what higher trigger for it to align with than When We All Vote, launched and co-chaired in 2018 by former first girl Michelle Obama as a nonpartisan (mmm-kay) effort to get out the vote?

For extra on the liberal-loving West Wing reunion, see this NewsBusters review

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