Video: Myanmar’s Ambassador Locked Out of London Embassy

“May you simply inform us what occurred? Please, it’s essential to inform the world.” “It’s type of coup, you perceive that? It’s type of coup. In the course of London, this type of coup just isn’t going to occur.” “What occurred, although? Inform us what occurred. What are the details?” “OK, you possibly can see that, you recognize, they occupy my constructing. I’m the ambassador of Myanmar. [inaudible] I’m the ambassador of Myanmar.” “And have you ever requested the overseas secretary, Dominic Raab, about this case?” “Yeah, yeah, we’re you recognize, we’re ready for the directions.” “What would you inform the world? What ought to occur now? Offer you your embassy again?” “No, no. You understand, that is my constructing. I must go inside. That’s why I’m ready right here.”

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