Brace your self: Trump’s long-promised $200 bribe to seniors is not taking place

That is even if Trump and the administration insisted it was nonetheless taking place as lately as the center of December, when Bloomberg reported that the administration was planning to mail the playing cards starting Jan. 1. At that time, the Particular Curiosity Group for Stock Info Approval System Requirements, or SIGIS, had given the go-ahead and have been apparently on board. SIGIS works with the federal authorities to supplies debit playing cards for tax-exempt medical bills, and have been presumably going to offer these playing cards. They by no means bought that far.

Between Trump being too busy holed up with Rudy Giuliani cooking up loopy election fraud and conspiracy theories after which planning an rebel, he and the White Home misplaced curiosity. The Treasury and IRS have been busy getting out stimulus checks and lots of the officers wanted to push this system via have been leaving the administration. They’re chucking up the sponge completely now, largely as a result of of this: “Trump officers started questioning whether or not the Trump administration was dashing to put the groundwork for announcement letters and playing cards that could not be despatched till February or March and would exit bearing Biden’s title as a substitute.”

And with that, the door is completely closed on Trump’s never-appearing however all the time just-about-to-happen healthcare plan.

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